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missmanders7609 said : subscriber Report 3 weeks ago

Hello Steve, I have just received my two prints and the two plectrums, as a bass player these will come in extremely handy. Really pleased with the prints and the frames are now on order. I'm seeing my bestie in London on Saturday and can't wait to see the look on her face when she opens this. Now I need to find space on my wall...you may just have to go beneath David Bowie!!! Much Love as always Amanda

Mariana Alves said : subscriber Report 3 weeks ago

Olá Steve, sou sua nova fã do Brasil! Mais sucesso pra você!

Mariana Alves said : subscriber Report 3 weeks ago

Olá Steve, você é lindo! Me encanta, sou sua nova fã do Brasil! Com todo respeito e carinho. ❤

Maya said : subscriber Report 4 weeks ago

Hi Steve I'm someone who was born in the 80's & so deeply appreciate the music from this time. Spandau Ballet - I have to say all your music definitely tops the cake for me, with your uniquely amazing sound! Steve, I really do hope for your live solo shows / Spandau Ballet live in Australia - superb talent that's not to be missed! Thank you, all the best x Maya

Mandies62 said : customer Report a month ago

Hi Steve. Received my print today which I am very happy with. It’s going to look good on my wall once framed. Thanks also for the bag & plectrum which my son wants for his guitar (have to think about that!), they’re great. See you around town sometime. Love to you & Sabrina Amanda H xx

TD said : subscriber Report a month ago

Absolutely love the new merchandise Steve! It's so cool. Can't wait for my tote bag, Much love to you and Sabrina, Tania x

Steve Norman said : administrator Report 2 months ago

Hi Jolanda, the online shop will go live in the next few days. Steve x

Jolanda said : subscriber Report 2 months ago

Where can I order the plectrum with Steve name on it and the T-shirt Would love 2 have it

Ali125 said : subscriber Report 4 months ago

Just wanted to to say what a fab evening we have just had at Live & Personal at Pizza Express in Holborn. Great to see Jacko and Sabrina again too!

jetnormski said : subscriber Report 5 months ago

Hi Steve and all the crew. Thank you so much for a fantastic gig on Saturday. It was my first time of meeting you and it turned out to be the best day of my life. You and Sabrina should record Wild Rose, it was mind blowing. Please hurry up and arrange more gigs asap. Love to you all Jet x x x

DCP said : subscriber Report 5 months ago

Hi Steve, hello from a german fan. I saw your Q&A yesterday on the SB facebook page and it's great to hear that you will continue as Spandau Ballet without Tony. All the best for you and the other SB-guys!

hotspice67 said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

Happy Birthday Steve, enjoy it well. Love your page, it's way cool with lots of info, I will be visiting lots ;-)

lindak said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

Hi Steve, loving this website, one day I will get to meet you

Blaze said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

Hello from Hong Kong Steve!!! Saw you play with Spandau Ballet last year! Come back and play solo!

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