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missmanders7609 said : subscriber Report 7 months ago

HEY Steve!! Just wanted to thank you for the lovely instagram lives that you have done lately. It has brightened up some dull days and it has been lovely to see you, Sabrina and the amazing Sheila!!

EricaF said : subscriber Report 8 months ago

Hello Steve, happy birthday!! A big hug also to Sabrina and your "super" mom. With love. Erica

Maya said : subscriber Report 8 months ago

Hi Steve Happiest BDay wishes to you! Recently went to an 80's gig here in Melbourne & saw Cutting Crew & Wang Chung live - what a character Nick Van Eede is. Been watching all the 80's Pioneers vids online - such impressive talent, Congratulations to you all! Hope 1 day you + The Sleevz can make 80's Pioneers live into a world tour! Luv & All the best, Maya X

missmanders7609 said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

Absolutely had to pop on and say thank you for the most wonderful event in Holborn Saturday night. We had an absolute blast. Your set was superb and you know what, your voice wasn't that bad at all. The songs you played were a wonderful mix, and I must say that the version of Absolute Beginners was a joy. The songs you have written yourself were so good, they were beautiful in their lyric and melody. We have already booked for May and next December so very much looking forward to that!!! It was lovely to finally meet Sabrina at last and also to have a good chat to Jaco. Here's to an amazing 2020 Steve and see you May unless we see you before. Amanda

Silvervixon2015 said : subscriber Report one year ago

Evening Steve. Hope you and Sabrina are keeping well, I'm still hoping to come and see you again sometime, so enjoyed myself at Holborn last year, you and Sabrina made me fell so relaxed and welcome, loads of love to you both XX

missmanders7609 said : subscriber Report one year ago

I just discovered out you were playing London December but didn’t get in quick enough to get VIP so had to settle for standard, nerve wracking considering my mobility these days however myself and my bestie Amanda will be there. That’s our “party “ sorted. Hope I’ll have a chance to give you a huge hug and chat music and update you on my music studies. I may have passed another grade by then! I shall now happily toddle off and try and revise for the exam Saturday ....I failed it by 4 marks in March...OUCH.

kempine said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

Dear Steve, when I saw your post on Twitter today regarding the departure of Ross from the band I felt a tiny bit of joy because you obviously are just as frustrated and disappointed as I am. I thought Ross did a brilliant job as new singer, but I can't blame him for doing his own thing now. I guess he also expected that by becoming a band member he would be WORKING with the band instead just sitting around waiting for something to happen. I saw two gigs of the short tour last year and I enjoyed them immensely. And so did 95% of the other fans I met there. We were all so excited because with this re-launch of the band we thought there would be more gigs, some new music, perhaps even a completely new album. As I understood it the whole trouble with Tony was about NOT just getting together every 5 years for a tour. Then the tour was over and ... nothing followed. What a huge disappointment! And by the way your band mates have commented on Ross departure (or have NOT made a comment at all) it seemed that nobody is much bothered about it. So when I read your tweet it felt sooo good that at least ONE band member feels upset as well. That's very comforting, even if it doesn't change anything. So thanks for being so open about your feelings, you could have so easily chosen the diplomatic road and posted another 'thank you & farewell' message. It's nice to see that instead you showed some passion. Well done!!!

EricaF said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

Happy birthday Steve. I hope to see you soon in Italy. Ericaxxx

Maya said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

Greatest Birthday wishes today Steve, Happy BDay on cloud 25! Am ever so grateful for my order + signed plectrum card - Thank you so much. It reached Australia sooner so I waited a week til my BDay to open it. Steve Norman Band, you are a Youtube favourite of my Dad & I - he shares his stories of when he was in a band like yours & he'd sing, play guitar & percussion. We really hope to meet you all 1 day! PS. Love the radio Ad for Virgin trains (Capital FM) that features a hint of your beautiful sax playing from 'True' - Brilliant ; ) Thank you, Love & All the best Maya x

missmanders7609 said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

Wanted to say how much I enjoyed the gig at Hammersmith Monday night. I chat online with fans and there has been much said about the new vocalist and that Spandau is not the same. Well I have to say that I thought Ross was amazing and to be honest I don't think you could have found anyone better. I did find it odd that you have a bouncy singer, that takes some getting used to but there is chemistry there and I can only hope that you have dates planned for next year and you can give us some new music soon As I celebrated my 21st with a Spandau gig I was wondering if you'd all oblige for my 50th!! (hahahah). Seriously though, you have to do something soon Ross needs to be seen live and I for one will continue to come and see you and support all 5 of you. I have also read the interview you all gave to Classic Pop and I was sad to read that you'd had to turn down such stellar gigs. So now I depart this thread as I am off to do a write up of Monday's gig for my music degree (we have to comment on all music we hear live whatever that is ) and I absolutely have no idea where I start .

EricaF said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

Thank you so much Steve for the beautiful and amazing concert in Milan. You were fantastic as always, and Ross is really very good. When do you make a new record? Love to you and Sabrina. Ericaxxx

Ali125 said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

Looking forward to what I am sure is going to be another great night in Holborn.... counting the days not only to Christmas but seeing you all on the 8th!

Maya said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

Wow, ecstatically surprised! Thought my ears were deceiving me the other day when I heard 1 of my absolute faves "I'll fly for you" - a song that doesn't receive radio play in Australia. I really do hope to see this 1 performed Live here again soon. Steve & Gary, what a beautiful piece of music you both play to the end of this song. Thank you, All the best! Maya x

pauline-69 said : customer Report 2 years ago

Hi Steve, Just wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you for sending my purchase of a Steve Norman t-shirt. I was overwhelmed to find inside a beautiful personalised signed photo to, so kind, caring and thoughtful. Looking forward to seeing you perform on Sept 8th in our hometown. Take care, lots of love Pauline x

Murielle said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

Hi Steve, First of all great website. Just saw the concert date for Spandau Ballet in The Netherlands. I have a question, do you ever meet up with professional colleagues while being on tour? A dear friend is a multi instrumentalist like you and also a phenomenal saxophone player. He has played with national and international artists. I for sure would love to hear you both play together during a little jam session. Do you think this would be possible? Love to hear from you! Wishing you all the best, Murielle

saxophone said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

Hello Steve I was watching the concert at the 02 arena what year was it a great show from Carol

Sabrina Winter said : administrator Report 2 years ago

Very sorry to hear, Amanda. Did you already post something on Twitter about this? I am sure some lovely fans would happily help out here. Fingers crossed!!! Hope to see you in Cardiff. Sabrina xxx

missmanders7609 said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

As I can no longer drive and the Cardiff venue is off the beaten track I am struggling to find a willing volunteer to come to the gig with me........am so sad! Maybe this will change in due course.....

saxophone said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

Hello Steve loved your music in the 80s sorry to hear that Tony left the band have you got a new singer from Carol

DCP said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

Hi Steve, it's great to see Spandau Ballet back on stage :). I hope you will also come to Germany this or next year. All the best!

EricaF said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

Thanks Steve and all the Spandau Ballet to be back to perform together. Ross’s voice is fantastic. I can not wait to hear you live. See you in Milan on October 23rd. Thank you so much. Love to you and Sabrina Ericaxxx

thomas-t-sax said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

Hi there, Just a quick hello from Holland. I am the saxofonist, percussion player and singer from a Spandau Ballet Tribute Band called STEAL. We all love the music of Spandau Ballet of course. See our website www.stealmusic.nl We wish you lot of luck and pleasure with you're new singer..and hopefully there are new songs comming in the near future!

Ali125 said : subscriber Report 3 years ago

Hi Steve & Sabrina Just to say thanks for yet more wonderful evenings at Pizza Express Live

Ali125 said : subscriber Report 3 years ago

Can't wait for next weekend (25 & 26th May), see you there.

Sabrina Winter said : administrator Report 3 years ago

You're wish is our command, Amanda. Check the new blog entry ;-) Love, Sabrina xxx

missmanders7609 said : subscriber Report 3 years ago

Hi Steve and Sabrina!! This pop up tour, any chance of heading to South Wales at all, maybe Cardiff or possibly Swansea...would love to see you and say hello

EricaF said : subscriber Report 3 years ago

Hello Steve, happy birthday. Thank you for the wonderful music that you give us. All the best to you and Sabrina. Erica xxx

Maya said : subscriber Report 3 years ago

Hi Steve Sending you best birthday wishes from Australia, hope you celebrate today how you like! Hope you can visit here soon! All the best Maya x

missmanders7609 said : subscriber Report 3 years ago

Hello Steve, I have just received my two prints and the two plectrums, as a bass player these will come in extremely handy. Really pleased with the prints and the frames are now on order. I'm seeing my bestie in London on Saturday and can't wait to see the look on her face when she opens this. Now I need to find space on my wall...you may just have to go beneath David Bowie!!! Much Love as always Amanda

Mariana Alves said : subscriber Report 3 years ago

Olá Steve, sou sua nova fã do Brasil! Mais sucesso pra você!

Mariana Alves said : subscriber Report 3 years ago

Olá Steve, você é lindo! Me encanta, sou sua nova fã do Brasil! Com todo respeito e carinho. ❤

Maya said : subscriber Report 3 years ago

Hi Steve I'm someone who was born in the 80's & so deeply appreciate the music from this time. Spandau Ballet - I have to say all your music definitely tops the cake for me, with your uniquely amazing sound! Steve, I really do hope for your live solo shows / Spandau Ballet live in Australia - superb talent that's not to be missed! Thank you, all the best x Maya

Mandies62 said : customer Report 3 years ago

Hi Steve. Received my print today which I am very happy with. It’s going to look good on my wall once framed. Thanks also for the bag & plectrum which my son wants for his guitar (have to think about that!), they’re great. See you around town sometime. Love to you & Sabrina Amanda H xx

TD said : subscriber Report 3 years ago

Absolutely love the new merchandise Steve! It's so cool. Can't wait for my tote bag, Much love to you and Sabrina, Tania x

Steve Norman said : administrator Report 3 years ago

Hi Jolanda, the online shop will go live in the next few days. Steve x

Jolanda said : subscriber Report 3 years ago

Where can I order the plectrum with Steve name on it and the T-shirt Would love 2 have it

Ali125 said : subscriber Report 3 years ago

Just wanted to to say what a fab evening we have just had at Live & Personal at Pizza Express in Holborn. Great to see Jacko and Sabrina again too!

jetnormski said : subscriber Report 3 years ago

Hi Steve and all the crew. Thank you so much for a fantastic gig on Saturday. It was my first time of meeting you and it turned out to be the best day of my life. You and Sabrina should record Wild Rose, it was mind blowing. Please hurry up and arrange more gigs asap. Love to you all Jet x x x

DCP said : subscriber Report 3 years ago

Hi Steve, hello from a german fan. I saw your Q&A yesterday on the SB facebook page and it's great to hear that you will continue as Spandau Ballet without Tony. All the best for you and the other SB-guys!

hotspice67 said : subscriber Report 4 years ago

Happy Birthday Steve, enjoy it well. Love your page, it's way cool with lots of info, I will be visiting lots ;-)

lindak said : subscriber Report 4 years ago

Hi Steve, loving this website, one day I will get to meet you

Blaze said : subscriber Report 4 years ago

Hello from Hong Kong Steve!!! Saw you play with Spandau Ballet last year! Come back and play solo!

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