“Equally, the band validated their ability to rivet and perform with unaffected enthusiasm. Steve Norman’s saxophone playing was the seamless demonstration of this. The man teased that instrument with the force of a demon and the grace of a poet. I, personally, have never witnessed anything quite like it.”
Vulture Hound Magazine
“The secret weapon of Spandau Ballet is Steve Norman who not only played those amazing sax solos you remember from so many Spandau hits, but he also sang back up, played guitar and percussion!.“
According 2G. Art, Music & More. From A to G
“When Steve Norman stepped up front to blow his scripted sax break in “True” the crowd received it with the kind of shouts and applause New Yorkers always gave Clarence Clemons when he took his thundering-tenor spotlight in Madison Square Garden for Bruce Springsteen’s “Jungleland”. The ecstasy in the Albert Hall was that kind of loud.”
Rolling Stone Magazine

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