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Hi Guys,

I’m very pleased to be able to talk about a project that I’ve been working on recently.

I was asked if I would participate in the opening ceremony of the “Energy For Swim” taking place in Rome. It’s a swimming event that takes place 7 days after the World Championships in Budapest and will bring the National teams of the USA, Australia, Italy and the Energy Standard International Swimming Club to Rome on 8th and 9th of August.

The brief was that I had three minutes with my sax; just a man and his sax filling a stage and an arena which accommodates up to 4,000 people surrounding an Olympic sized swimming pool.

Well, that’s all very liberating for me but although three minutes may not seem a long time, filling that sound space with nothing other than a saxophone is quite a challenge and somewhat daunting, if I’m really honest.

So I suggested that I compose and program a musical platform over which I would blow my soprano and my little heart out for all I’m worth.

I had various visual mediums to bear in mind which were at my disposal, special effects and the like, including the pool itself which have enabled me to get creative with the whole thing.

I don’t want to give too much away at this point but the end composition is called “L’Apprendista Di Nettuno” or “Neptune’s Apprentice”.

This will be such an exciting inauguration to a fine event; a coming together of Sport, Music, Dance and Technology. For me it’s an opportunity to explore and express myself in a different musical direction to which I’m normally accustomed. It also means that Sabrina and I get to spend a few days in Rome, one of our favorite places to be. And I am so very much looking forward to it. I know, I know…I’m a lucky so n’ so!

Oh, and of course, not forgetting that DJ Claudio & Alessia Ciccone will also be performing at “Energy For Swim”. As you know, “The Ciccone Bros” and I often work together when I am in Italy. So it’s cool that they will be adding to the fun that night.

Big thanks go to the event organizers, Gianluca Boselli, Ferdinando Cocucci and team as well as Nunzio Ciccone for helping make it happen for me. A big hug and thanks to Lorena Garay for designing this awesome banner. It makes me feel like a movie star 😎

We’ll keep you updated.

Big love, Steve xx

Tickets: BUY HERE

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