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The great thing about Steve’s „Pop Up Tour“ is that the gigs pop up unexpectedly. You never know what comes next and when… well, not quite true as Steve & I know of course as we constantly work on new shows in the quiet before we surprise you with a new addition.

Well, and today we have a veeeeeery special one in the city of Cardiff. The venue is so beautiful and unique. It’s called „Acapela Studios“ and it is a converted Welsh Chapel with amazing acoustics, high ceiling, original wooden floors, pews and pulits.

Steve and the band are über-exited to play at the „Acapela Studios“ on July 27. This day happens to be our very own Joe „Bongo“ Becket’s birthday. Whoohoo. Cakes, champers, birthday sing-alongs & bumps to be expected, Joe-Boy!

The venue only holds 180 peeps. So better make sure to get your ticket asap before too late:

Cardiff, are you ready?

Sabrina xxx


missmanders7609 said : subscriber Report 6 years ago

Absolutely gutted I couldn't make it, I couldn't get anyone to come with me who could drive. If it had been more inner Cardiff it may have been easier. So so upset...but hopefully you'll do it again and I can try again

Sabrina Winter said : administrator Report 6 years ago

P.S.: Tag me in your tweet so I can share it. xxx

missmanders7609 said : subscriber Report 6 years ago

trying to get someone to come along with me, I hope I can swing this

missmanders7609 said : subscriber Report 6 years ago

I’ve almost passed out! Right well I am not allowed to drive anymore so I need to find a friend to go...fingers crossed

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