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As already announced, all of Steve’s ticket sales from the „Charity Special“ at PizzaExpress in Holborn on December 8 will go to a chosen breast cancer charity. Details to follow.

The event is in honour of Steve’s sister Denise „Dee“ Norman. She sadly passed away only a few weeks after she got diagnosed with this terrible disease.

Tania Dalton, a lovely lady and Spandau Ballet fan has kindly bought 2 tickets for the event and has asked us to auction them in order to raise more money for the charity.

Thank you, Tania, for this generous and heartfelt contribution.

The show has sold out in the meantime. So, this is your chance to grab 2 tickets and do something good at the same time.

Steve will upgrade those 2 tickets to „Soundcheck Experience“ and will add a very special prize:

The highest bidder for the 2 tickets will get an exclusive „Mini Soho Tour“ at about midday of December 9. Steve will be your tour guide.
He will show you a few Spandau Ballet/New Romantic related hot spots in Soho. Be assured some stories will be told and some pix will be taken.
The 1 hour tour will be rounded up with a naughty little visit to one of Steve’s favourite pubs in the area.

All you have to do:

Send an email with your bid to

The highest bidder will win because it is for a good cause.

In case more than 1 person sends in the highest bid the winner will be determined by draw.

Winner will be announced on December 3.



missmanders7609 said : subscriber Report 6 years ago

I hope lots of money is raised. I’ve 3 friends all diagnosed with breast cancer but they are survivors. Yes still 3 too many.

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