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I can’t believe that our 4th studio album, recorded mostly in the Bahamas was released 40 years and one day ago today.

Understandably, most people focus on the song True, but for me the album has other lesser known wee gems on it besides the big hitters like True, Gold, Lifeline and Communication.

Code of Love and Pleasure, which were the first two tracks that the band worked on prior to recording laying out what was to become our ‘blue eyed soul’ sound that would continue to weave itself throughout the whole album.

I absolutely adored recording at Compass Point. I had my sax, my congas, a sprinkle of Nassau sunshine and I was utterly in my zone.

I know that I’d only been playing saxophone for approximately one year when I wrote and recorded my sax parts on this LP and I suspect that any speediency with which I recorded my parts was probably because I wanted to get it all down asap and get back by the pool for the topping up of the tan stakes.

It was an exotic paradise for us and perfectly provided the sunshine for the record that would ultimately be our biggest commercial success.

The audience cheers every time I perform the True solo all these years later, some even calling it an iconic solo. That’s all a bit too much for me but what I do know is that I have never tired of performing it live, especially knowing that people have taken it to their hearts.

We were like a band of brothers at this point in time together.

And it was sooo much fun! Full of wonderful moments.

Steve X

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