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I am absolutely gutted that the festival has been cancelled. As a curator and performing artist for the event it was very much a labour of love for me. I’ve spent a fair bit of time in the Ribble Valley the past couple of years as you know.
My heart goes out to all the fans that were looking forward to it and the people of Clitheroe and the surrounding area. It was your festival after all.

Steve x


Steve Norman said : administrator Report 8 years ago

Hi Janet. With all respect, if you check the likes of Simply Red (£41-£60 in Scarborough in August) or Caro Emerald, Jools'll see that their ticket prices are not far off what ours were priced at. And that is for just for ONE artist. We were offering 13 bands, 8 hours of music...that's less than a fiver per band. I don't think that is too expensive personally. In fact, a lot of people were surprised that the tickets were not more expensive. It's all irrelevant now of course. What makes me more sad than anything is that the festival was very supportive of the area. We engaged schools, judged their school bands and performers in order to offer a spot, gave the kids a chance to design the merchandise and flags to be flown from the castle battlements, provided a stage for local bands, supported local traders, etc., etc., the list goes on. Without a doubt this festival had a big heart and I am devastated about it's loss.

Lynne Ashton said : Guest Report 8 years ago

Janet, to be fair though, the artists performing were top class and they don't come cheap X

Janet said : Guest Report 8 years ago

The event was hugely overpriced for this area. Everyone I know said they'd love to have gone but not at those prices. Shame as priced fans out.

Janet said : Guest Report 8 years ago

I'm not surprised. I live nearby and the prices were over the top to be fair. I don't know many people round here who could justify paying the amount

Lynne Ashton said : Guest Report 8 years ago

Steve, i can only echo what Yolanda has said, it must feel like the rug has been pulled from under your feet xx So sorry. Hopefully there will be other opportunities, Take Care. Best wishes to you and Sabrina xx

Yolanda Ceveira said : Guest Report 8 years ago

My thoughts are with you and the people that put so much time and effort into it, as a fan I feel bad but I get my ticket refunded, you can't get the time that you have invested back but I am sure there are going to be other festivals ❤️❤️❤️❤️

monica said : Guest Report 8 years ago

So sad for you Steve!!!!! And for your hard work !!!!

Lucy said : Guest Report 8 years ago

Oh no, such a shame.

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