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Yesterday, Sabrina and I attended the world premiere of ATOMIC BLONDE, an action thriller starring Charlize Theron, Sofia Boutella, James McAvoy, John Goodman, etc. The film was directed by David Leitch and was shot in Berlin.

We had the honour to watch the film before its official release amongst the cast and other VIP guests.

Charlize plays an undercover MI6 agent that is sent to Berlin during the Cold War to investigate the murder of a fellow agent and recover a missing list of double agents. Some amazing stunt scenes can be seen in the film. If I am informed correctly Charlize did all the stunts herself and even lost 2 teeth during the filming. Proper commitment that is.

I spend a lot of time in Berlin these days and it has felt like my second home for over 3 years now. Therefore it was great to see some very familiar places in the film. It made me a little bit proud as I am by now half of a Berliner myself.

If you fancy some action loaded entertainment with great music from the 80s this could be a fun night at the movies for you. As I said in my interview with TV host Steven Gätjen on the “black carpet”: You got a very feisty Blonde with knee high boots and a gun! What could possibly go right? 😉

Steve x

P.S.: Big props go out to Claudia Lehmann and her team from “Maz & Movie” for this excellent event!

And here is the official movie trailer as well as the “black carpet” interview for you:

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