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A very happy new year to you all! I hope you had a wonderful Xmas and a fantastic start to 2018.

Reflecting on 2017, I was well lucky to be involved in so many interesting musical projects. As I’ve said many times before, I have the best job in the world.

Last year kicked off well with the Celebrating Bowie event in Brixton. I shared the stage with Bowie’s last touring band and other DB musicians; Mike Garson, Gail Ann Dorsey, Adrian Belew, Sterling Campbell, Mark Plati, Gerry Leonard and Earl Slick among others.
In November I joined Mike Garson on his first UK tour in his own right. I was on vocal duties, played ‘Aladdin Sane’ sax alongside saxophonist extraordinaire, Terry Edwards and even danced the rumba with the delightful Gaby Moreno as we duetted on ‘Let’s Dance’.

My own ‘Live & Personal’ shows in the UK and Spain were a highlight, naturally. I don’t mind telling you that I was somewhat nervous about these shows, having never done any After Dinner speeches let alone having to respond to whatever question aimed at me. So I’m extremely grateful to all the peeps who made the shows sell out. Ultimately the speaking bit was as much fun as it is chatting with my mates down the pub.
A massive thanks goes to my band, James Stevenson, Paul Cuddeford, Joe Becket, my son, Jaco Norman, my manager, backing vocalist and better half, Sabrina Winter and my promoter, John Tyrrell for all their hard work and for taking the pressure off me.
I’m very honoured that my live events are treated by my fans and friends as an excuse to meet up with each other and that they travel from all parts of the world.

The ‘Energy For Swim’ event in Rome, televised and streamed live from Italy was something totally different to anything I’ve ever done. Big shouts to Nunzio Ciccone and Luca Boselli for making this possible. Composing the music and performing it solo with my soprano sax was quite a refreshing challenge and made me focus more on that wonderfully expressive instrument. I will be utilising it more in 2018 that’s for sure.

A sunny weekend in Lytham had me performing three times in one day; firstly to the local people in Lytham’s town square with Paul McCormick, Ian Forbes and Sabrina, then at the festival with Living In A Box followed by a live DJ set with Rusty Egan, Simon Fish and Pav.

Not forgetting the other DJ set shows all over Italy with Claudio and Alessia Ciccone. There will be more this year so watch this space.

I had the pleasure of performing with my dear pal, Martin Fry and ABC, I wrote a few tunes and performed with another pal of mine, Nick Van Eede of Cutting Crew and wrote a few tunes of my own. A resolution for this year is to finish the recordings.

Back in September, I was banging out some classic T.Rex tunes with Tony Visconti, Marc Almond, Steve Harley, Holly Johnson, Neal X, Daphne Guinness and T.Rexstasy’s Danielz at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London. That was fun as I was a fan as a young teen.

A massive bucket list tick was applied when I was asked by Iggy Pop if I’d like to join him onstage for Real Wild Child in France (“Where are ya motherf*****?”). Big thanks to Tom Wilcox and Kevin Armstrong for facilitating that one.

I got to perform at the prestigious Elbphilharmonie concert hall at the Deutscher Radiopreis Awards’ after show party in Hamburg.

In November it was a joy to share some of my musical knowledge and experience at the BIMM (British and Irish Institute of Modern Music) college in Brighton. I very much enjoyed that masterclass and hope to repeat it at other BIMM institutes around Europe.

2018 has already started to come together. After an April ‘Live & Personal’ show in Madrid for Una Vida De Musica I will be performing with Steve Harley in Glasgow in May before I head off to London for three more ‘Live & Personal’ shows. More dates in the UK are in discussion as I write.

More than anything I want to thank YOU guys for your support. Without you I would not be doing this. And a big thank you to you, Lore Garay G Studio Designs, for all your amazing website, logo and banner designs that you have created for me so far.

Last but certainly not least I am very much looking forward to Spandau Ballet becoming whole again. The journey goes on…. #chaptertwo

So here’s to a year full of music and love. I wish you all the happiness in the world for 2018.

Much love,

Steve xx

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missmanders7609 said : subscriber Report 6 years ago

Steve we have met so many times but I look forward to the next time where we can talk music theory, that would be fun. It is so addictive. The past papers are daunting at first but now after a 2 hour lesson last week, more to be done and I will be taking the exam in June. I've been asked to accompany a group of singers in October as we are entering a singing section with our guiding group and they've asked me to play acoustic guitar so it looks like I have to learn the piece to accompany them. Should be a laugh at least. My niece has taken up the trumpet in school, her parents are not best pleased and they are offering the saxophone in secondary school so my hope is she will pick up something there. Speak to you soon Steve.

Chrissie1970 said : subscriber Report 6 years ago

Hi Steve I really enjoyed listening to you and i have been a really loyal fan i don't get to see you life the last time was way back when you were on tour your with Spandau the concert was heart like a sky i remember it really well cause my best mate elbow your body gard so she could get a photo it was Sheffield city hall my one wish would be to have a autographed photo my address is 46 easton road bridlington east Yorkshire yo16 4da hope to hear from you soon xxx

Lisalala said : customer Report 6 years ago

Hello Steve! Happy New Year! What a wonderfully Chock full o’nuts schedule you kept this year! It was fantastic and exciting to watch you participate in the Bowie tribute streaming ‘live’ all the way here in San Diego & a real treat to see you both singing backup with Joe Elliott and also taking center stage as you always get the biggest cheers!! I am so happy for you and the accolades you’ve received and how appreciated you are by all of us, your adoring fans. I spent 4 months in hospital in 2017 but I’m on my way to health, a miracle I’m still on the planet but I’m doing great!! I’m skinny now, imagine that!! Haha. Please continue to play live - I will do my best to get over there to Blighty or Spain and you said you would make sure to wait so I can get to a show! They look so entertaining and intimate with the people. I’ve a question after my long soliloquy- I’m sorry I’m so chatty and brevity isn’t my strong point— when you’re warming up before a show you play a very classic sounding tune on your sax, can you share what song that is? It almost sounds like you could play with the Glenn Miller Orchestra with the song that is so lovely. What is your favorite sax song to play? Do you know the song “Europa” by Carlos Santana & a sax version by Gato Barbieri? It would be otherworldly if you played this song and possibly recorded it. I will end this dissertation now and send you and Sabrina my very best wishes for an amazing and safe 2018 full of love and I hope to see you soon. Love, luck, health & happiness Lisa LaFreniere, San Diego PS...what was I thinking when I brought you chocolates on a hot day? I should have given you lovely tropical fruit especially as you are like Iggy Pop with zero fat on your physique! Cheers and love. Xx

10218546 said : administrator Report 6 years ago

Hi Amanda, Your music obviously means a lot to you and I wish you all the very best with your studies. You’re so right when you say that you’re never too old. That’s what I say to anyone who is thinking of taking up a challenge later in life. What have you got to lose? In fact you’ve even made me consider immersing myself in some serious music theory study. I’ve been getting away with it for far too long..ha ha! Look forward to meeting you. Steve x

missmanders7609 said : subscriber Report 6 years ago

Hello Steve, longtime fan Amanda here from Wales. Thanks for the news update. I wish I could have got to some of the events that you have done but sadly its not to be. Really interested in your music masterclass and what you are up to musically. I have now gained grade 5 music theory and grade4 bass guitar playing. I am studying for grade 5 bass playing and also grade 6 music theory. I am now starting to play keyboard and my tutor thinks I should go ahead and do a music diploma or degree. As I am fast approaching 50 its daunting but you know you really are never to old. Hoping to catch you sometime and really talk music. Much love and here's to Spandau in 2018. Amanda

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