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I will be joining Steve Harley along with Mick Ronson’s daughter Lisa, his sister Maggi, Bowie guitarist Earl Slick, Paul Cuddeford and other special guests for a concert in honour of the legendary Mick Ronson.
“Rock For Ronson” will take place at the Hull City Hall on April 23, 2016.

All profits from the event will fund a memorial to Mick which will take the form of a scholarship for local musicians.

I am very proud to be a part of this special event.
For many years I’ve felt that Mick Ronson’s contribution to music was all too often overlooked. And I’m not alone in this. Among Bowie fans there was a singular moment of my generation which changed our lives forever musically. And that was the performance of “Starman” on Top Of The Pops when Bowie draped an androgynous arm around Mick’s shoulders. That was boarding on scandalous in 1972:

Mick and Tony Visconti were crucial in aiding Bowie in his search for his sound back in the early 70s. For example, Mick’s first ever orchestral arrangement was ‘Life On Mars’. I mean, just listen to it…It’s an incredible piece of work! Especially right at the end when the song slows down for dramatic effect and the orchestral stabs are punching the air ’til the resolve when everything falls back into place. What a journey they took us on with that song.
A lot of the song’s emotion was down to Mick’s orchestral arrangement.
Since Bowie’s passing I haven’t been able to listen to it, it’s just too emotional for me. For me that is due to Mick’s contribution as it is Bowie’s.

There are many anecdotes and stories which we must all keep telling about those who have passed over in order to keep their memories alive. In the case of Mick Ronson I can’t think of anyone more suited to host the night than my dear friend and Mick’s, Steve Harley.
Because if anyone’s got the stories, it’s Steve Harley.

Steve x

An additional word from the editor as Steve is too modest to mention:
Steve Harley just tweeted this: “Steve Norman is a really charismatic performer and he’ll be a big asset to the evening. Bless ‘im!”
Sabrina xxx


4 Comments on ‘ROCK FOR RONSON’ AT HULL CITY HALL – APRIL 23, 2016

Christine Johnson said : Guest Report 4 years ago

I am going to have to book this day off I live quite close to Hull I would love to see the show I am such a big fan of your work Steve x

Paola 70 said : subscriber Report 4 years ago

So happy for you Steve. This kind of gig is suitable for you. About the English music: may I have an advice? I'll be in London next week, which record store would you reccomend? I mean: not the big record stores, I'm looking more for the old stores in Soho for example (or wherever) that have old vinyls or rarities. Maybe you know better than anyone else these kind of places. Of course I'm talking about 80's and 70's music ☺ Thanks if you wanna help me I'll be in Great Queen Street n. 4 too ☺ Congratulations again for "Rock for Ronson"

Cloredana61 said : Guest Report 4 years ago

Mi would like to see be a nice event to organize with my children

monica said : Guest Report 4 years ago

Great event for you Steve and for our generation

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