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I love performing in various bands, pushing those musical boundaries and learning from musicians from different genres of music. And yet I’ve never fronted my own band. The thought of it always made me slightly nervous if I’m honest. However, as curator of the Summerdays festival I’ve decided to give it a go and take the plunge.

I will be helped out by a few of my pals who I’ve already had the privilege of working with along with the lovely Sabrina.

I have a few tunes in mind but I haven’t decided yet which we will perform. Any suggestions on your part would be helpful. Whatever songs we settle on, one thing is for sure…it’s gonna be a ton of fun.

Steve x

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Av said : Guest Report 4 years ago

Dublin Ireland is calling!!

Jolanda said : Guest Report 4 years ago

Hi Steve I know a song you can do .... Lily was here from - Candy Dulfer / Dave Stewart sorry I can't see it if you will do that song But I hope Sabrina will tape/make a little clip (movie) from it Enjoy you're Gig Much love greetings Jolanda Da Thesta

Jolanda said : Guest Report 4 years ago

Steve indeed a  Prince medley but then come 2 Holland do performance with the lovely Mrs Candy Dulfer That would be Awesome xxx Jolanda Da Thesta

Cristina said : subscriber Report 4 years ago

Hi Steve....i wish you all the best for your summer festival and as you know i wish the best for your first old band....aaarrgghhh .... I want to suggest one song that i love a lot....it is ...Knocking on heaven's doors....if you like it.... In Bocca al lupo !! See you soon !! Xxx

Patsy said : Guest Report 4 years ago

That's amazing news for you, Steve! I'm happy for you!!! But I'm also a little bit sad because I'm afraid I can't go to the Summer Days Festival on that day. It's very difficult to get a few days off in that week on my work. We have to take our Summer vacation the last 2 weeks of July (it's not our choice) when they close the doors for the clients at my work. I remember when we went to Verona to see Spandau Ballet my 3 bosses weren't pleased last year. I don't think I can convince my husband to go to Clitheroe Castle on the 8th if you don't perform on stage. I'm sure you'll have an incredible night, that night on stage. It will be a great new experience for you with lots of fun for you & Sabrina!! Enjoy your Days at that Summer Days Festival!!! XX

Cris once said : Guest Report 4 years ago

Great news Steve! When will you introduce us your band? We want to follow and support them on Twitter! Lots of kisses for you and lovely Sabrina

Cloredana61 said : Guest Report 4 years ago

Ii hope to reach the 6 but for reasons of work will be difficult for sure we'll be safe 8 and 9 I will be a beautiful festival any song you and Your band well sided and I'll enjoy a lot a new experience for me new adventure. Thanks and sorry for my English and they are sometimes a little pain in the ass

Jackie said : Guest Report 4 years ago

What about a Prince medley as a lovely tribute to the great man. I'm sure that would go down well

Lucy said : Guest Report 4 years ago

This is great news, wish I could come to the festival . I think you should play some Prince Xx

CristinaMad72 said : Guest Report 4 years ago

Fantastic news Steve!!! I wish you all the best luck in the world for your new project and I have LOTS of questions! I'll just wait for this to settle down hoping to be able to see you live in Spain!!!

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