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Steve is always up for a little surpise. Especially when it goes hand in hand with music. It is also no secret that he is very passionate about supporting new talents and passing on his wide range of knockledge of creating music and playing instruments such as saxophone, guitar, percussion, drums and so on.

When he got invited to visit pupils at West Kirby school he didn’t think twice and immediately made his way to school.

Steve enjoyed his time with about 200 girls & boys of an avarage age of 10. He made them clap and play tambourine whilst he played his famous “True” solo on sax. Well, I guess most of his many loyal fans would have walked miles (barefood on broken glass) for a moment like this.

Here is a little article for you to enjoy: click here

I wish we would all know now if any of those kids will become a successful musician in the future. And if so, Steve surely have had helped to inspire them. And that is very beautiful!

Sabrina xxx


Lucy said : Guest Report 4 years ago

This is great so important to promote music in school.

yolanda ceveira said : Guest Report 4 years ago

He is inspirational , Love how he supports and mentors young talent

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