VIDEO DIARY No. 5 – “Sax Solo ‘WIN’ / STS Tour / London”

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As most of you know Steve just finished the sold out UK leg of the “Station To Station” Tour with Earl Slick, Bernhard Fowler, Lisa Ronson and other very talented musicians.

The UK shows went down incredibly well (and this is an understatement!!!).

For me personally the guys and girls on this tour aren’t just a bunch of outstandingly great musicians covering Bowie songs. This band manages to make the tunes their own and put their individual stamp on ’em. Bernhard’s voice gives me goosebumps (what a singer!) and Earl’s guitar playing is simply mind-blowing.

Steve does an amazing job playing sax and percussion the way we know and love him for: full of energy, passion, dedication and joy. This man gets better every time I see and hear him play. Sometimes I think: “Wow, he can’t get any better than this!”. And then he proves me wrong the next second: Oh yes, he can!
I know I am not quite objective but I also know that most of you agree that it is almost impossible to take your eyes off of him when he performs. So energetic and powerful.

Each night Bernhard introduces Steve to the crowd like this: “And on ‘things’: our Everything Man, Mr. Steve Norman.” I think he nails it with this.

Right now they are in Japan and already played 2 shows today (yes, 2 shows a day!!!). Same reaction, same enthusiasm by the fans. Very happy for them.

For those of you that had no chance to see Steve play on this tour I recorded a few special moments. One I want to share with you today: The “Win” sax solo Steve played at the 02 Islington in London. What a winner this was…

I hope you enjoy.

Sabrina xxx

7 Comments on VIDEO DIARY No. 5 – “Sax Solo ‘WIN’ / STS Tour / London”

Av said : Guest Report 8 years ago

Will the show be hitting Dublin???

carolm said : Guest Report 8 years ago

This is just fabulous! Cant thank you enough Sabrina for sharing're such a sweetheart! Your sax solo gave me goosebumps Steve! Good job, as always :-) What a great night the audiences who get to see this show must have! Lucky is an understatement.

Rita said : Guest Report 8 years ago

Thanks Sabrina. Busy days ....I'm reading now and this solo sax is absolutely brilliant and amazing. I agree with every your single words : there's a special bond between Steve and music when is on stage ... Pure magic! Would like so much to see Clitheroe Summer Festival! Let's hope! Love and all the best to you and Steve

yolanda ceveira said : Guest Report 8 years ago

Truly Amazing and I agree with every word you said Sabrina, his performances get better and better XxX

Mercè Fajardo said : Guest Report 8 years ago

Love it! Thanks Sabrina. You rock too!

Kristina Whyte said : Guest Report 8 years ago

Brilliant sax solo from our talented Steve!Thanks so much for sharing!Love it❤️Love from Kristina xx

Paul Blythe said : Guest Report 8 years ago

Many thanks for sharing. it was a great gig, and Steve really shone along with Bernard, Earl & Lisa. Hopefully they'll be back in the UK soon!

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