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A lot of friends and fans asked Steve to play more “Live & Personal” shows. Luckily “PizzaExpress Live” in Holborn had the same request.

I am delighted to confirm that Steve and band will return to London for 3 more shows in 2018:

May 25
May 26
May 27

Some of you will notice a few changes in regards to ticket prices & categories.

No worries, Steve hasn’t turned into a greedy business man. To tell you the simple truth: the production costs for the last 2 shows in London were higher than we expected. To be able to stick to a proper band set-up instead of going back to a stripped down acoustic set we needed to raise the entrance fee. I hope you understand. Be assured that Steve will make your concert experience worth every penny. And of course Steve will be working hard to provide some surprises again… 😉

We’ve received quite a lot of critical feedback from venue managers in Madrid and London as well as from fans and friends in regards to the meet & greet procedures after the show. The meet & greets took way too long and the amount of time every single person had with Steve was so little compared to the waiting time. We had to rush through and got in trouble with venue managers for going over curfew and messing with their closing times. Additionally you possibly can image how exhausting it is for Steve to do a meet & greet for more than 2 hours after a show. Taking all this feedback on board and into consideration we’ve decided to come up with a VIP ticket category. VIP tickets will be limited to 30 people per show in order to give every ticket holder some quality time with Steve.

The VIP package includes the following:

– Access to the end of soundcheck (incl. 2 songs played exclusively for VIP ticket holders)
– M&G after soundcheck with photo opportunity
– VIP seating (16 front row plus 14 other premium seats) – first come first row!
– 1 merchandise item produced exclusively for VIP ticket holders (not available anywhere else)

I hope you’ll agree with me that this is an amazing ticket worth getting.

Regular ticket: £ 35
VIP ticket: £ 55

In case you wondered: the Birmingham meet & greet will of course not be affected by these changes. It will still be accessible for all ticket holders after the show as announced.

A lot of news, I know. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I know it’s impossible to please everyone but as you can see we take your feedback serious and try our best to make you guys happy.

And yes, we are working on more shows in other parts of the UK and the rest of Europe (and maybe someday the rest of the world – never say never!) I again need to ask you for a bit more patience.

Looking so much forward to seeing you in Birmingham & London next to celebrate life, love & of course Steve’s music!

Sabrina xxx


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